MAC Creme Cup | Lipstick Swatches For Pale Skin

Hello Everybody!

As you know I am now getting on with my product reviews that have been promised but not quite delivered on my blog for some time. MAC lipsticks are always something that bloggers are interested in so I thought I would swatch the four I own for you in this little series.

These lipsticks are amazing and don't need a review to tell you how much I love them. (Just try one and you will see -  they also smell so good!) The first swatch I am going to show you is Creme Cup. This is the most recent addition to my modest collection.

It is a cremesheen finish which is a lot of people's favourite. It is creamy and produces a good and pretty opaque colour. I personally prefer some of the other more glossy finishes but everyone has there preference. I find the application of these not so smooth and more thick and sticky on the lips.

The colour is a pretty pink that I think will suit a lot of people.

When I took the above photos my lips were quite dry and you can see that the lipstick coped well and it still looks pretty good! 

I hope this was helpful if you are currently looking for your perfect MAC lipstick! I three have more on their way soon :) 

HUE                          CREME CUP                          SYRUP                          CROSSWIRES

Above are some quick links to the other posts which will soon be active once they are posted :)

Love, Phoebe x
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  1. Ooh, the colour looks so good on you, and it looks incredibly natural, too! I've yet to try a MAC lipstick, honestly, because they're just so expensive, but ahh, I'd love to have this in my lipstick collection!

    May | THE MAYDEN

    1. You should definitely treat yourself to one! :) x

  2. Very useful and nice post! :)

  3. I like natural looking lipstick, as I only tend to wear vibrant colours on a night out, this would be perfect for me, I shall have to order one for myself!

    Meme xx

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  4. so natural looking! Love the shade on you!

    Pam xo/ Pam Scalfi♥

  5. I don't actually have a MAC of my own but Creme Cup looks gorgeous on you! Love the pretty pink on you!

    I envy your sewing skills! Your DIYs are always awesome!

    xx Bash | Hey Bash | bloglovin'

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  6. I really need to try Creme Cup - it's gorgeous!

    Rachael at

  7. Love that color of lipstick! xx